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Looking for a professional to shed some light on your outdated facility interior and turn it into one that you and your residents enjoy spending time in? When you choose to work with me, I listen to your interior design requests, and am fully committed to making your interior design dreams come true. My goal as an interior designer is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space and bringing its full potential to life.  Significant Refurbishments, their guidelines and benefits to your home are high on my radar. So please call me to draw on my experience.  Jackie 0402 642 938

Keep the Past in Mind but always think about the Future

Residents gather around a contemporary cool-to-touch fireplace which includes open shelving to each side designed to house memory evoking trappings as part of a recent refurbishment of a 10 year old home.


Refurbishment Services

I am enjoying undertaking a range of Significant Refurbishments and understand the benefits of introducing improvements in form, qualiity and function to create an observable change in quality.

Addressing space planning and introducing a cafe or library, using specifically designed aged care furniture, well considered wall and floor finishes including fabrics can have an impressive impact on an existing home. 

I work together with my clients to create a final product most suitable to the specific needs of their residents and staff. encouraging each person to feel comfortable in their environment.


Interior Design

As an Aged Care Interior Designer, I know what it means to provide really good customer service. I offer clients a reliable approach to tackling all their design needs from inception to installation.
I design aged care with reassuringly homelike environments encouraging each person including those living with dementia to enjoy their own homes.
An appreciation of buildings in terms of layout and appearance has enabled me to design interesting, functional spaces and to review documentation including planning, joinery, facades and landscaping.

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Get to Know Me

 I have brought my specific passion for aged care interior design to life, and since then I’ve been transforming facilities to completion, including the finishing touches to create a totally homelike environment. Times are constantly changing, but it’s important to remember that elderly aged care residents feel most comfortable with recognisable elements that they chose or admired when setting up their own homes. Some of the latest trends and designs available nowadays incorporate old world or retro looks which when combined with serviceable, but attractive aged care elements can create warmth in a home. 



 Floral artwork inspired the palette for this room with the upholstery and screen design adding pattern reminiscent of  home.


A homely interactive kitchen environment where  contemporary tiles create an old world patterned look.

Plant Care

Using glorious flowers inside and out to create a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.


Chesterfields and colour together to create a harmonious room


Beautiful dining furniture stting comfortably on existing carpet. 

eastwood sitting area.jpg

Wonderful pairs of patterned chairs placed for resident's comfort around the home.


Historic Projects

Whether you need some guidance on choosing the right color to paint your walls, or are seeking an expert with a good eye to give your space the personalized attention it deserves — you’ve come to the right place. Check out my previous works, and allow me to unlock your space’s potential today!


Eden Ridge

Norwest 1.jpg

Norwest Private Hospital Exterior

Macquarie uni hospital day surgery (2).j

Day Surgery Reception

Mirvac's elegant over 55's development, Eden Ridge at North Turramurra has a beautifully flow through design created by Bruce Eeles and was completed in 2000.  I designed the kitchen and this classic bathroom 20 years ago.

The narrow reveals have been painted strong bright colours to provide a remarkably interesting foil to the crisp white base colour of the hospital. The result is a finish of balance and beauty. I completed this work 10 years ago and the hospital was opened in 2009.

In 2008 I was the Interior Designer of Macquarie University Private Hospital and Medical Centre. I designed the joinery for each of these facilities. Shown is the Day Surgery Reception desk for the hospital.

Olympic Village

Mirvac Newington Apartments

The apartments are boldly white, punctuated with galvanised steel sun-shades and occasional deep colour applied to their geometric form.

I loved this project prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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